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Welcome to NFL Weekly Pick'Em 2012!

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Welcome to BetUSB's 4th Annual NFL Football Weekly Pick 2012 sponsored by EZ Street Sports! Thank you for taking the time to visit our site and learn about this awesome chance to win some cash! BetUSB and Easy Street Sports have teamed up to bring you a no obligation chance to win. Prizes given out throughout the season will total $8500 with $500 in prizes each week!! EZ Street Sports is also giving away an overall season winner prize of $500.

Week Record | Season Record
Leaderboard Week 1
Rank Name Record Points Tie Breaker Tie Breaker 2 View Pending Picks
1Betusb4-1-02.9054360 pending
2magic3-1-11.9054360 pending
3sargieboy3-2-00.8041370 pending
4dragon58683-2-00.8046375 pending
5SBRUNIES3-2-00.8046370 pending
6genghis5183-2-00.8047375 pending
785509373-2-00.8047370 pending
8saintjames3-2-00.8047470 pending
9aakjsf3-2-00.8052415 pending
10Unigalax3-2-00.8059385 pending

2012 Weekly Prizes

1st: $250 (6x rollover) (if no deposit $25)

2nd: $150 (6x rollover) (if no deposit $15)

3rd: $100 (6x rollover) (if no deposit $10)


* Prizes will be awared 100% Value if a player makes a deposit of $50 or more prior to the Monday Night Football Game that week. If any deposit of $50 or greater is made throughout the season they will now be eligible for the full prize amounts.
* If no deposit is made prizes will be paid out at 10% of the prize money.
* If the player makes a deposit of $50 or more during the season players will be eligible for weekly prizes again every week. (Deposit Bonuses will only be for players that are registered with BetUSB or are playing in the weekly contest) Deposit of $150 or more will need to be made to receive a deposit bonus.
* Players that do not make a deposit during the season will only be able to be credited the prize twice.


2012 Overall Season Winner

$500 to overall winner

* to be eligible for the Overall season winner prize player must have made deposits totaling $250 and wagered combined total of at least $250, does not have to be on one bet but an accumulated total of $250 by the end of football season not including playoff games. To be eligible for the season prize players must deposit a total of $250 or more (this can be in form of 1 deposit or multiple small deposits).

“ is proud to sponsor the BetUSB football contests this year. The betting public should take this as our pledge to continue servicing player accounts in ALL international markets including the USA. We would like to restore the player’s faith and confidence in online gaming by making one simple promise. is not going anywhere and will continue to offer all bettors a reliable shop to deposit and withdraw money in a secure and safe environment.”

100% Free Play Bonus! New EZ Streets Sports members and current members that play in this contest qualify for a 100% Bonus on deposits of $150 or more!

Here's how to claim your 100% deposit bonus.

Make your initial deposit via any method or any amount between $150 & $2000!

Choice your Bonus: EZ Street Sports will offer the following sign-up bonus for contestants:
1) Deposit $150 or more and we will credit any fees along with a 100% Free Play Bonus with an 10x rollover. Promo Code: ("BETUSB")
2) 100% Free Play Bonus on your initial deposit of $150 or more.

How to Play

Step 1: Create BetUSB Account

Create an account using the BETUSB Login at the top right of the page and then Sign In. (If you already have an account with BetUSB please sign in.

Step 2: Sign up with EZ Street Sports

You must sign up though the tracking link for new EZ Street Sports accounts so we can verify your account for contest prizes.

All you have to do is go to EZ Street Sports and open a new account. (If you already have a EZ StreetSports account you can still play, just keep reading!) There is NO deposit required to ENTER the contest. If you deposit at this time BetUSB and EZ Street Sports are offering a speical BETUSB player bonus only. For players that make a deposit of $150 or more you will receive a 100% FREE PLAY BONUS. Don't wait and miss out on this great bonus brought to you in Partner with EZ STREET SPORTS.

Step 3: Update your BetUSB Profile with EZ StreetSports account number

If you have not already done so please update your BetUSB Profile (after you are logged in, click edit profile in myUSB login, Top Right).

Step 4: Make Your Picks!

Ok, here's where it gets fun! Each week you log in to BetUSB and make your picks. We will provide you with a list of games to chose from, and you may make up to 5 picks each week from the spread lines of each game. Every time your pick is right you get +1. For a loss you will lose -1.1. Pushes will be 0. Player with the most wins and highest win percentage that week will take home the prize. If there is a tie, then the tiebreaker score will determine the winners.

You will have til 1 pm ET to make your picks every Sunday The lines will go down at 1 pm ET when the first game kicks off so make sure to have your picks in for the week.


Step 5: Collect Your MONEY!!

At the end of every week the top 3 winners will receive the prizes to the account number that is listed on file. If the account number is incorrect then the winning players will not be paid. Make sure that you have the correct account information updated in your BetUSB Profile under Edit Account so the prizes can be paid right away.

Complete Rules & Regulations

Scoring Winners will be determined by most wins and winning percentage each week. Every time your pick is right you get +1 for a loss you will lose -1.1 point and pushes will be 0. Most wins and highest winning percentage will take home the prize. If there is a tie, then the tiebreaker score will determine the winners. The top 3 players will be awarded prizes 1st: $250, 2nd: $150, 3rd: $100. A player may win max of 2times throughout the season. After the week ends and the winners have been decided BetUSB will send out an email to the winners. The prizes then will be paid out no later than Friday that week into the players account. Eligibility: Must be at least 18 years of age or older to be eligible to enter the contest. Whether you are a new or an existing member, be sure to enter for your chance to win your share of the weekly prizes. Register only one account per person. All accounts will be tracked and if found there are multiple user accounts they will be disqualified and will not be awarded prizes.


Customers must comply with a 6x rollover of all prize money prior to a payout being honored.